About JBOX

Have you ever thought about an investment that is risk-free? then you have to start thinking “JBOX” we started these moving campaign of monetizing the social media market by decentralizing the media market through a unique Mining Blockchain Base Platform. Media today is headed towards decentralization.This trend manifests itself in the growing number of new companies that employ Blockchain technology and may result in tokenization of existing media businesses. Even though most attempts at a  decentralized media outlet are not fully developed yet, this trend seems to be positive.

…Invest in your future
The JBOX App can be used to publish any sort of media: music, programming code, video, images, books, etc. JBOX native (JBX) token is used to facilitate media assets trading. JBOX token awards also incentivize network nodes to store content and verify new blocks with metadata and transactions. The network provides its members with a transparent, trustless and decentralized environment to store, consume and monetize original media content.
# The system Rewards Users for post and Content Curation
# We aim to eradicate poverty and to also give you a better sense of value for your leisure time through the tokenization platform of our native coin “JBX” Which is the incentive you get from content curation on the JBOX platform.
# Jbox has a dynamic way of mining her coin which is quite different from the initial Benchmark of mining cryptocurrency, JBOX is mined through well-augmented platform Namely, “Proof of Upload” and “Proof of View” (POU & POV)
# we have a projected insight, estimating “JBOX” to be worth 1JBX – 1000 USD from time of Incension to a target time frame (5years)

Our vision is to be the company that decentralizes the video market using Block Chain Technology that targets customers’ satisfaction. We have a customer orientated service designed to meet all the needs of the customers and insure a good customer relationship.

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