EXPANDABLE FRONTIERS: next 20 years plan

JBOX is designed to accommodate other value products in the near future, JBOX is not limited only to the above, we will bring more opportunity as time goes on. Every system that fails to plan will definitely plan to fail, the JBOX team already has more than 20 years plan which will make you feel safe with JBOX


JBOX apps will be available after one year of launch, with the help of this app, all JBOX community will be able to watch videos on JBOX app in which JBOX will be displaying adverts for any purpose


this will enable anybody who want to drive adverts to his business through JBOX application. This advert is the best advert so far, you are a JBOX member or business owner, you knew people are now spending all their time on JBOX platform because of the wonderful benefits of earn
as you watch system. You know this will bring a big turnaround on your business or products. This advert will be available one year after JBOX has been launched. Jbox company will only accept Jbox token as means for advert (This will boost Jbox token price)


With the help of JBOX decoder and Droidstick, everyone all around the world will access to one decoder for a fee using jbox token as means of payment (more demand for Jbox token) . This will enable JBOX videos to be watched as a home video without using the apps. JBOX system will be part of every human’s life. This will help to strengthen the JBOX coin and gives value just like the famous Bitcoin

JBOX Additional Benefits


After 3 years of JBOX in the crypto and video technology, JBOX will launch its free internet service all over the world. This will enable everybody to be able to watch unlimited videos without spending a penny on data. Also it will enable Africans improve their internet


By 2021 JBOX will develop an e-commerce platform for it’s users all you have to do is create your e-commerce website on the jbox platform for free. Everything on the platform will be made free to everyone. The only thing is that you have to accept JBOX as your mode of payment. While the company covers all the setup domain , hosting, and the other integration.


Over time we would have a platform for our users to auction their house on our platform whereby we would have a lot of bidders to bid for the house. payment mode can be in jbox token.

We would also give the opportunity to our users to place advert of their properties and they  get paid with jbox token which can be traded in our internal exchange  it can also.be traded on the external exchange too.


In years to come jbox will introduce the latest automobiles in the world in various African countries in partnership with the top selling automobile in the world. Cars which include electric cars and als cars with the latest features at that particular time.


We understand that people often take loans for one reason or the other either for business or any other thing with a huge amount of interest rate which might be worrisome. That is why jbox decided to bring out this package to help individuals in this situation.

How it works :

  • Invest 50% of the total cost of debt on the jbox platform with a jbox coin for (7) months before the debt is due.
  • Jbox pays you the exact amount yearly for the next (2years).
  • Minimum investment rate “”””” jbox coin


Our Hedge fund program is available for everyone. It is a program where our users can stake jbox tokens and expect a certain percentage after the staking period has expired. We plan to make it easy for our community for future events or savings plans.

We have the following plans:

For Education 

Education for your children and relatives could be made easier when you let Jbox help you pay school fees.

How it works

  • This can be either TERMLY or YEARLY: All you need do is to invest the total sum for a session (First, second and third term) with us, then we pay the fees for minimum of three (3) years and maximum of six (6) years.
  • For TERMLY: pay the total sum four (4) months before school resumes and we pay your child’s fee termly for two(2) years
  • For YEARLY: pay the total sum of the fees seven (7) months before school resumes and we pay your child’s fee yearly for three (3)years

For Travels and Rents

We understand that the majority of people who wants to travel to countries and also people who live in rented apartments and paying rent and travelling expenses sometimes can be a huge burden considering the high cost of housing in urban areas and other economic burdens, hence, the need for a special package that enables Everyone  live completely worry free over the issue of rent was birthed.

How it works :

  • Invest the total cost of your rent with jbox token in our platform Ten (7) months before payment is due.
  • Jbox pays you the exact amount yearly for the next two (2) years
  • Minimum investment rate is **””
  • No third party involvement (No dealing with Landlord).
  • No Return on Invested capital.


We quite understand that a lot of people want to own one or two properties without having enough funds to cover the properties which they desire.


  • invest 70% of your mortgage property cost on jbox platform with jbox coin for (12) months before purchase.
  • Jbox Pays you the full package of your mortgage when the payment for the mortgage is due.
  • No Third parties involvement

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