We are in a world where the only thing constant is the certainty of change. The world is changing rapidly and so is our way of doing business, technology has impacted greatly  on business and has indeed revolutionized  trade for example Bitcoin brought us the blockchain. Ethereum brought us smart contracts and still many interesting innovations on the way.

At JBOX we have provided you with a platform to make money while entertaining yourself. The concept behind  our platform is different from Youtube as you are paid for uploading and viewing new videos thereby paying you for entertaining yourself.

JBOX researches and utilizes the best blockchain technologies, by bringing  you a new decentralized sustainable  video streaming  cryptocurrency system. The system is within the scope of movie/video industry and cryptocurrency  industry. It encompasses the industries that produce varieties of videos that cover Aerospace Industry, Agriculture, Computer, Education, Entertainment, Food, Health-care, Information and Technology, Manufacturing, Mass media, Telecommunications, Transport, Sports, industries,  among others. Also included in this  package are cryptocurrency industries  where we already have various coins in existence.


A secured decentralized video streaming cryptocurrency web app with a future-minded organization - that’s where JBOX comes into play, as a trustworthy and a secured and decentralized crytocurrency  where you and I can watch free video and earn 1 JCent per video you watched for free.

JBOX allows its users to convert video watching into cryptocurrency. With JBOX, security and access are the new reality and will become the standard because we at JBOX believe that everyone everywhere should have access to crypto currencies and this will be easy through watching of your favourite videos.

Having a solid and strong foundation drives our strategy and that is why our first launch will cover the whole world. Why?

  • To create more employment opportunities and break economic boundaries that tends to limit individuals.
  • To get people to be familiar with our cryptocurrency and create opportunities for them to become active and key players in digital currency.
  • To promote profit maximization and encourage re-investment.
  • To liberalize video market and give rewarding opportunities to many.

Not just a cryptocurrency coin based system - it is for video streaming/ TV.

It allows you to earn 1 Jcent for any video watched on the platform. By building the JBOX platform on top of a highly secured core blockchain, integrating key decentralized technologies.

The user-friendly and responsive platform to increase user adoption of Crypto technology.

JBOX will be part of every human life, no matter who you are, where you may be, your colour, race, educational background etc. you can earn or invest with JBOX.


JBOX group consist of highly skilled senior software engineers, hardware experts, IT experts, Cyber secu experts as well as web application developers who have expert experience in the blockchain technology.

Build To Last

Cryptocurrencies will change the world and JBOX wants to be there when it happens by offering  an innovative  and secure platform to allow the world to earn through the video technology.

Bitcoins  are gaining legitimacy and with  increasing numbers of companies  like WordPress, Fiverr and small businesses (like pizza chains) and others  accepting Bitcoin payments, Even the African giant (Nigeria) officially legalized the use of Bitcoin to strengthen their economy it’s the start of a financial  revolution. Binary trading and Forex brokers have begun allowing trades with Bitcoins. Bitcoin is the pioneer of the new cryptocurrency era, followed by Ethereum  but the diverse cryptocurrency scene, fails to convince the masses.

As the one and only intermediary, JBOX will guide and eventually be the technology that gives you everything your heart desire by enjoying your life and earning together. With this Token Crowdsale  and JBOX overall benefits  we offer you a new  business model, which in our vision is bound to succeed.

JBOXCOIN “Everyday Life”

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